HTML5 CSS Sticky Footer

Ryan Fait's HTML5 CSS Sticky Footer

Like the original CSS Sticky Footer, this HTML5 Sticky Footer works in virtually all browsers to make a website's footer 'stick' to the bottom of the page even when the content is short. As many web designers are designing in HTML5, including myself, I decided it was time add this as a companion to the original for those of you using HTML5.

Implementation of the Sticky Footer

The CSS and HTML have only minor changes. If you want it to work in IE8 and below, you will need to include the HTML5 JavaScript file (in between the <head> tags) which creates HTML5 elements like header, footer, etc., and remember to set HTML5 elements as block. Just like the original, there are no terms, licenses, fees or requirements.

I love links back to my site and emails from people who love the HTML5 CSS Sticky Footer!