Consultation & Layout Design

Consulation and layout design

Stage 1: consultation and layout design

After an initial phone call or exchange of emails, we'll get together face to face so I can tell you how the whole web design process works with me. I'll answer any questions you may have about websites in general, online marketing, how search engines can play a role in your website's traffic, etc.

I'll listen to your thoughts and ideas about the website that you want. If you have certain aspects of your planned website nailed down, I'll take notes and possibly offer some suggestions of my own.

If you're not sure exactly what you want in a website, that's okay! I will ask some basic questions to help me understand exactly what function your website should perform to be beneficial to your business and who it should appeal to.

After we've agreed to get started and I've received an initial payment, we will come up with a blueprint for your site in preparation for the creation of a website mockup. We will discuss the most appropriate type of website navigation, site structure, colors, fonts and other things.

From there, I will use the information gleaned from our conversations as well as my web design skills to transform your thoughts and ideas into a website mockup. We will be in touch often, and I will continue to work on a mockup until you are satisfied and ready to move onto the next phase, Development and Programming.

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