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Web design, development, and programming

Stage 2: web development and programming

Now that we've finalized a graphical website mockup back in step one, it is time to get it converted into an actual web page. I'll cut up the mockup into images optimized for the web and code a website template.

No matter what type of website you have hired me to develop, from an e-commerce site to a WordPress blog, creating this template is an important step. It will also give you the first glimpse of what your website will look like in a browser.

I code and test my templates so they look the same in all of the modern browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer (versions 6 and up), Safari, and Opera.

Depending of the type of website is being developed, I'll take this template and begin the process of setting up your website. Because I'll be adding content and new pages, I may make some design decisions that will improve the look and feel of your website's layout. I strive to give you the best website possible from beginning to end.

When you're delighted with every aspect of your website, we'll move on to the final stage, personal training.

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