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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an umbrella term that covers a few different methods of getting search engines to find, read and rank your website favorably. The three methods below are the most popular and I can help you with all of them.

Different forms of SEO

Search engine friendly website code

I take the visual design mockup of a website and turn it into an actual website by manually coding it in a text editor. What this means is that I work directly in the language that search engines read, so I have total control over the order of the content "under the hood." Since search engines read from the top of a page to the bottom, I make sure the most important written content on your home page is where search engines will be expecting it to be. All good web designers put websites together this way, because the alternative will really set back a website's search engine rankings.

There are other benefits to hand coding that aren't related to SEO, like the fact that your site will be as efficient and fast-loading as possible. It is also faster to hand code a website than it is to design a website in some piece of software, so your base cost is kept down.

Content writing and keyword saturation

Search engines use algorithms to determine where each result that is displayed in a search should be. A key part of the algorithm is the textual content on a website, especially the content on the home page. In the front-page content, you will want to use popular (and sometimes not-so-popular) keyword phrases that people search for.

I'll guide you in writing a few paragraphs about your business for use on the home page, spending extra time with you to figure out the best strategy for getting your site to rank well as quickly as possible. I'll research what the best keyword phrases for your business are, as well as dig for some niche keyword phrases that can get you started off right if your business has a multitude of very aggressive competitors. If you know your business is in a very competitive online market, well-done content writing may not be enough. If this is the case, then link building (covered next) might be your next best option.

Link building

Link building is the practice of acquiring links on other websites that point to yours. Some of the first places you can easily get a link to your website are the many online directories that exist on the internet. Some of these are free and some cost money. I can help you find the best ones to get listed on.

Another option is buying links that point to your website with keywords you want your website to rank well in for searches, and it's a popular one. However, this can be kind of risky because search engines frown on this practice. Search engines, especially Google want their search results to be as natural and free from manipulation as they can be. If you need to get your website ranked high in a competitive market quickly, this is probably the way to do it. I do not handle this part of SEO personally, but I can recommend some high-quality and affordable services out there. Be warned: if a search engine suspects your website of paid link-building, they can penalize your website heavily, so don't just trust the first SEO link building company you find.

Other SEO solutions

If you are looking for specialty SEO solutions, give me a call and I will discuss a couple of other methods which are a little more obscure, but can be effective if you have the right type of business. I do white-hat SEO only!

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