Las Vegas WordPress Developer

WordPress Developer

I'm a Las Vegas WordPress developer who can manage your custom needs whether it be a WordPress theme created for your website or a new WordPress plugin developed to transition your web application from an idea to a functioning website.

WordPress Plugin Developer

WordPress is an awesome platform for powering a website, and its plugin extendability is one reason WordPress is so phenomenal. If you have an idea for a website that needs to be powered by a database and want to use WordPress as the backend, I have experience in developing plugins for it.

There are thousands of free, ready to use plugins out there, and I've used many of them in the websites I've built. Most of the time, there is a plugin suitable for special wants by website owners. An example is the contact form plugin I use with just about every client I have. However, if you have an idea for a custom web application that hasn't ever been built before, I am up to the task of developing a plugin from scratch to meet your every requirement.

WordPress Theme Developer

I am both a graphic web designer and a website developer, so if you need a theme designed and/or developed for WordPress, I am your guy. I never use pre-built templates for my websites. I always start off the design in Photoshop, work with you until you're satisfied with the look, and then code the template straight from the design to ensure the cleanest code and fastest loading website as possible.

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